Live Project_03_Regather Works_Heritage

Today we managed to see some of the machinery from the Horn Handle Works at the now closed down Traditional Heritage Museum.


Come to the Regather event ” Co-operation for positive social change” in Sheffield to see the full exhibition of artefacts and photographs of the history of the ‘Horn Handle Works’.

Sign up to attend at http://www.regather.net

Sat Nov’ 10th 10am-4pm



Live Project_03_Regather Works_Heritage

As I may have mentioned before the Regather Works trading co-operative can be found in the ‘Horn Handle Works’ building, this Grade II listed building is of particular importance as part of Sheffield’s manufacturing heritage.

It is part of the small lesser known Horn industry in Sheffield, specifically manufacturing handles for umbrellas and walking sticks from Ivory, Buffallo and Stag horn among others. This trade accompanied others in the building such as Umbrella manufacturers, designers, boot repairs and a steel stockholders.

Today we were lucky enough to meet with Ken Hawley at the Hawley collection at Kelham Island. Ken Hawley has been collecting artefacts from Sheffield’s manufacturing industries for around 50 years. Ken managed to salvage many of the horn items from the Horn Works upon it’s closure in the 1970’s.

We hope to show these artefacts at the opening day – ” Co-operation for positive change in Sheffield”.

Please register online @ http://www.regather.net and come down Sat. 10th Nov’ 2012 10am-4pm


The Raw product – Buffalo horns


Mechanical lathe chuck and toolsImageImage

Unfinished umbrella handles and walking stick handlesImage

Finished umbrella handle


Finished walking stick handle


Small decorative umbrella handles

Social media

Live Project_03_Regather Works_Coffee morning & social media

The coffee mornings both went very well. Today’s being a lot dryer than yesterdays! Thank you everyone that was involved.

With special thanks to the Sheffield coffee company for providing the coffee !




The coffee morning has also raised awareness of the Regather Co-operative, we have been tweeted and had a facebook comment, from some lovely people. Thank you.



Check out Regather on facebook!!


Client meeting

Live Project_03_Regather Works_Client meeting

Today we met with our client contacts Barney and Gareth to discuss the brief and our interpretation/output so far.

We presented our ideas and how we envisaged we would hand over our final ‘product’ at the end of our involvement with Regather.

The client contacts were impressed with our content and the draft format of our proposed document set ups.

Full steam ahead for the last week and a half.


Coffee Morning

Live Project_03_Regather Works_Coffee Morning_22/10/12

On a very soggy, dreary Sheffield Monday morning we carried out a successful coffee morning. The people of Sheffield took time out on there way to work this morning to grab a free coffee have a chat and fill out a questionnaire.

We shall be doing the same tomorrow – if you fancy a free coffee please come down to Regather Works, 57-59 Club Garden Road, Sheffield, S11 8BU


Coffee Morning

Live Project_03_Regather Works_Coffee Morning

Free Coffee Morning @ Regather Works, 57-59 Club Garden Road, Sheffield, S11 8BU

Come down Monday 22nd Oct & Tue 23rd Oct 8-9am!


coffee kindly provided by the Sheffield Coffee company


Live Project_03_Regather Works_’Gable wall’ projections

Live Project_03_Regather Works_’Gable wall’ projections

As part of our promotional strategies for Regather we are looking at projecting images on the end wall facing the open green space outside regather, to change public opinion of the underused cut through.

On Friday 19th October we carried out a test run of this using a basic projector – it went very well.